In this world there are things that you can wait to take care of and some you cannot. Getting some of the chores done around the house can sometimes wait if you want to do something else, unless it is a water leak or something serious that can cause damage. There can also be some health issues that may be a wait and see situation. If it isn’t life threatening, that is. If you’re thinking of making a major purchase you surely want to sleep on it and don’t buy immediately. There are other times you should act immediately like when my dad was up in an almond tree with a chain saw. The chain caught his pant leg after cutting off a branch and it cut through the pants and into his leg. ”Ouch right?” Luckily he was able to climb down and drove himself to the house to get a ride to the hospital immediately. Maybe it would be a good idea to not climb trees with a chainsaw all alone, just saying. There are also things that will require us to act immediately in our lives. What about ‘our forever’ talked about in the Bible?

     Mathew 4:19-20 (“Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.” Immediately they left their nets and followed Him.) Maybe we should be a little more responsive like these men were, when we respond to what Jesus says to do. When Jesus worked His miracles and healed people, it was something that happened immediately. The servant was healed that very moment. The paralytic picked up his bed and went home. The woman with a hemorrhage for 12 years was at once made well. The girl in the official’s house died, Jesus took her by the hand and the girl got up. When Christ Jesus did or spoke something he wanted to be, it was immediate. He has promised us a beautiful wonderful life after this world. He always speaks the truth and it always comes to be.

     So what shall we do? Why do we wait? Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. There is no name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved. So let’s act as if that is the most important thing we need to teach others as it is.  Acts 9:20 (and immediately he began to proclaim Jesus in the synagogues, saying, “He is the Son of God.”) When the jailer was converted in Acts16, it says and immediately he was baptized, he and all his household.

     It is too important to wait for later, for tomorrow is not a certainty. If you believe, please act immediately and don’t put off your salvation any longer. If you know someone that needs Jesus, teach them the good news immediately. Don’t delay, act now it may be too late tomorrow. The Lord said to Paul in a vision, “Do not be afraid any longer, but go on speaking and do not be silent.” Let us do the same without delay. May the Lord Jesus be with us all.

                                                                                                         In Him, Chuck


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