In our recent gospel meeting with Bill Steward, he made this statement more than once. He would never say no to a work of serving the Lord. He took the can’t out of his vocabulary. As we view our Christian walk here on this earth, how many times have we said I can’t? I am reminded of Jesus’ words when He spoke about the men with ten, five, and one talent. Matthew 25:14-30 The words of the men with ten and five said, “I can” the man with one said “I can’t.” Would Jesus have been happy with the one talent man if he had said I can? I believe our Savior would had been very pleased with him. All of us start out the same way, as little babies. Now I know not all have the same abilities but we all have gifts that God has blessed us with. You never can have that second talent until you have used the first one, we build on talent after talent.

How many of us have abilities that are still hidden because the can’t word is in our mind? Would it not be easier to say I can do this? It may be something very small in nature but can bring great results. Some of us remember Hildred. There was not much she could do with the body she had but she always did what she could with a smile. We all remember the cards that we got from her. She would smile at you and say it’s alright, even though she was in real pain most of the time. She said, “I can.” Last Sunday evening three young men came to me and said they can pull weeds. It is a start in their life of putting I can in their mind set. A saying that came to my mind from a person of great importance to me was, “can’t never did nothing.”


The words that come through the inspirited Word says in Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Now Paul made this statement in every condition he was in, good or bad, which in most cases were bad. There were many trials along the way but Paul put his trust in the Lord and said I can do it.


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