Our most gracious God gives us all the opportunity to turn to Him and follow His word that He has supplied for us. As the word shows us, if we love our God and follow and keep His commandments, there is saving grace for us. We can follow the steps taught us and be forgiven of all our past sins. Romans 6:3-12


  Some of us at times, myself included, may struggle with forgiving ourselves. I look at where I am as a person, a Christian, and sometimes feel guilty about who I was and how I lived at times. I wasn't a bad person or a thug but I was not Godly. I was a moral person in a worldly standard but l lacked God in my life and did not live life at a biblical standard as God would have me do.


  Now as a Christian sometimes I feel like I need to run back into my past and apologize for any hurtful or stupid things I may have done or said. I suppose I could try but that would not be very realistic. I think as Christians we must learn to look to the old man as something we won't return to and forgive ourselves as God did when we put on Christ in baptism. Live your life in such a way that by example you show others how Christ changed your life and what it can do for them. You can say you’re sorry, but that's not who you are now. 


  Remember that the old man died and you are born again, Romans 6:6-11. You have been forgiven and need to forgive yourself as you would others. I sometimes say I would like a do-over and I would do things differently or better, but there is only one chance for a do over in this life and that is when you truly give it all to God. Now that you live for Him reach back and take as many with you as you can. Many of those in the past will see the change in you and want to come along and some will not. Forgive others as you have been forgiven and learn to forgive yourself, we are not perfect. Are you laying aside everything from your past that is slowing you down, every sin and running the race set before you? If not, what's holding you back? Let the past go and be the past, we all have a race to run and other souls need us to run it. By the strength which God supplies.



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