The family is such a great key in our Christian lives. It gives us the strength to go on and be thankful for all that we have. The family is there to help us through trying times in our lives. We receive joy, peace and love when we have those strong family ties. When I look at our church family here in Ripon, I see the very strong family ties that hold us all together. It is much more than just one family group, the whole church here is knitted together. What a joy it is to see one family group talking and sharing with another. No clicks, what a great joy to see that. What we see here is families that are caring and loving to all. That warmth is extended to all who enter the doors of this building. People come early and stay late, that's family.

There is a saying I would like to share with you, that is in my daughter’s house.


Family Dreams

And Believes

Plays and Prays

Forgives and Forgets

Laughs and Smiles

Believes and Trusts

Says “I’m Sorry”

Accepts Do-overs

Loves Unconditionally

“Just say amen to that"

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