In a book that brother Bill Stewart wrote a few years ago, called “The Road Less traveled,” there is a chapter that deals with things I should have done. Brother Bill will be here this summer along with his wife Pam for our lectureship. I am looking forward to their visit.


Here are some of the things we should have done, and for sure when I write these things down, I have three fingers pointing right back at me.


I should have taken better care of myself.                                                                          

I should not have made that last comment.

I should have studied the Bible more in my life.

I should have mentioned Jesus to them before they died.

I should have been a better example to my children.

I should have gotten my children more involved in church.

I should have showed my mate that I love him/her more often.

I should have told my family how much they meant to me more often.

I should have listened to Jesus and what He says to me though His Word.

I should have spent more time in prayer.

I should have controlled my anger better.

I should have given more to the church.

I should have given more hugs.

I should have given more compliments to others.

I should have listened twice as much as I spoke.


And the list goes on and on and on, I should have.


Wait a minute. I’m still here. It’s not too late. I do have the opportunity to make changes.


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