I’d like to take you back in time to think about some of the happiest moments in your life. Do you have the picture there in your mind? Take a look at who is there with you. Are they in your life today? So many things change as we go through life. Maybe we move away or someone you are close to does and you fall out of contact due to this busy life. Who do you have the fondest memories of and are they still with us today?


   My oldest son, whom we were able to have in our lives for almost 16 years, brings so many fond memories. Yes, there are painful ones but I don't focus on those. He is missed by so many. My sister Kathy, that we also have lost, brings me many happy memories from my youth; and as she became an adult, her funny sneaky pranks, and her bigger than life heart is always remembered. There are also the things that I had learned from my dad and my wife's parents. Papa Joe, as the easy going man, always here laughing and making jokes. We miss them all and all the cherished memories.


   So on your trip down memory lane with family and friends, hopefully, they are mostly fond memories for you. All the people you have met in this life, how many will go with you to the next? My fond memories of some are saddened when I think that they left this life not truly knowing Jesus. At the time, many did, but for some, they didn't want to hear no matter our efforts to share God’s word. Though people will reject God and His word at times we must not get discouraged and give up trying or we will live with that regret. It's a brand new year again and the opportunity to help others in our life to find the truth still remains. Some will listen and some will not. We will regret the ones that we didn't try to reach and be sad for those whom reject Christ. Everyone has the freedom to choose their own direction and we can't control that no matter how much it hurts. Let us take advantage of the time we have here to reach all those we meet with God’s word. Don't let memories haunt you because you didn't try. The road to destruction is wide and many will take it. Let us stay on the narrow road that leads to everlasting life and bring as many as will hear to come along. Have a great year building more memories with this wonderful loving family of God here in Ripon. Truly rare, are the wonderful servants of God we have here to serve with. We love this family and feel blessed by being a part of it. Let us bring souls to His words.  


                                                                                                     In Him, Chuck Saarloos



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