I believe we know that to create something you need a pattern to follow. When this building was being built, they followed a pattern, it is called a blue print. Can you just imagine the results of this building if there were no plans? The building might go up in a fashion but it is also true that it would fail to stand. We would be asking each other what went wrong. We told them to just build with no idea where the light switches were to be put, or where the water heater would go. I think we can all see it would just be a mess and unusable and a complete waste of time and money.


God does understand that we needed a pattern to follow. He did not fail to let us know that there is a pattern to follow. Surely, we remember that God gave Noah a pattern to build the ark. Noah knew he had to follow the plan as God laid it out or he and his family would be lost with all the other people of the earth.


God gave the people of Israel a plan to follow, that is found in Exodus chapter 20. “Then God spoke these words.” They were to follow that pattern. The building of the tabernacle had a precise pattern. What was in each part and who could go where. The pattern is found in Exodus in chapter 25 and the chapter that follows.


In the New Covenant, God has also given us a pattern to follow and it is precise. It tells us how to treat others, it tells us how to love, it tells us who to put first in our lives and it tells us how we might get to heaven. There is a pattern to follow, there is only one pattern and that pattern comes from God and not the thoughts of man.


To understand what the pattern is, we need to read the blue print. There are no change orders in God’s pattern. It is to be followed as written by the inspiration coming from God. This pattern was given to the first century Christians and it the same one we have today. That pattern was given to the Jews who had come to Jerusalem to worship. That pattern is given to us starting in the Book of Acts in chapter two. When the apostle John comes to the end of the Book of Revelation in 22:18-19. He warns the people not to add to or take away. Remember John was there in Jerusalem with Peter and the rest of the apostles in Act chapter two. Follow the whole pattern God has given to us.

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