I heard of a story about a rich man who would go to his banker the first of the year and ask this question. “I died last night, now tell me how my estate stands,” When I think about this illustration, I wonder if each Christian should take an account of his life each morning and ask the same question, “I died last night, now where do I stand?” Don't we all want to be like Stephen who, when he was being stoned to death, could be sure enough of his life to say; “Lord, do not hold this sin against them!” Acts 7:60. Stephen knew where he would be the next morning. Let’s look at a few questions we might ask about our own lives.

Did I obey the Gospel?

This question is first because we have heard so many stories of people who were going to obey the Gospel. If we could only ask those people who put it off what they would do if they had another chance, I am sure their answer would be different, don’t you? We heard of happenings like this, but it seems we always think it will happen to the other person. Remember... You died last night.

Was I faithful to the Lord?

Two men met on the street one day and, as was customary to do, one greeted the other man with a question, “How is the Lord treating you?” The reply was, “The Lord is treating me great!” The next question really made the man think, “How are you treating the Lord?” Sometimes we think in our own mind, I have been baptized and now I’m on my way to heaven. I am not trying to take away God’s grace or one’s assurance of salvation, but James tells us that our faith apart from works is dead, James spends half of a chapter on this subject. James 2: 14-26.


Have you ever thought you were dying? Most of us have been in situations where we thought this is it. And if we had time to think, would we be saying I will change my life, just get me out of this mess and I will be a faithful Christian. Just remember you died last night and cannot change a thing. You are still living if you are reading this. Now is the time to serve the Lord while you still can… Amen

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