At our jobs many of the things we do, have to be repeated or done again. Some are done daily, some are done weekly, some monthly, and some quarterly. Regardless of how often it is done, it becomes a routine thing you do after time. Like cleaning the house, fixing meals, fueling the car. If you’re a little older like me, taking your meds. All the things we do over and over in our lives usually become very routine after time and we do it without a lot of thought. There it is, the point, doing it without a lot of thought.


     When we come together at the assembly we should not be here to just do things routinely without thought. We should be excited to join together and build one another up and sing praises to our God. Not just singing but thinking of the words we sing with melody in our hearts. Listening to the words spoken by the preacher and meditate on them, applying them in our daily life. When we commune together for the Lord’s supper to remember the sacrifice of Jesus for all our sins, shall we never allow it to just become routine in our minds. I write this to show the importance of doing all these things we are told to do by God’s word with meaningful purpose and very deep thought. Think of all the things that the Lord, whom had all the power of God while on earth, allowed man to do to Him.


     Read in Mark’s account, in Mark 15:13-ff, of all that our Lord had to endure for us to be forgiven, the unjust trial, the mocking and being spat on. The crown of thorns being pressed down piercing His skin. Then being beaten and scourged until you could see the bone through the deep cuts on His back. Then He was turned over to the crowd to be led to Golgotha to be crucified. Nailed to a cross to die a death that He chose to die for you and me. A debt we can in no way repay but a sacrifice that we can remember. How can we as the beneficiaries of such love and sacrifice ever let our remembrance of His love become routine. 


     I hope and pray that each of us every Lord’s day think deeply on the love poured out on that cross. The sacrifice, the empty tomb and the ascension to heaven so we too may be with Him someday on His return. Never allow such an important part of our service to become routine. Love Him as He Loved you with all your mind and all your heart.


      In Him, Chuck



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