The year is now 2018 and we are getting closer to being in our new building and we are all looking forward to that day. We will have to get up on Sunday morning, yes we all have been sleeping in later than before the building was sold. We have only been meeting once on the Lord’s Day, that will change, hallelujah! We will need to change our habits! There is one thing for sure we all will be ready to make the change. Most of us have always spent most of our Sundays in the church building, I am ready.


Now we need to take advantage of our new building to bring souls in, new souls that have never heard the good news. There will be many challenges when we do bring new folks in. Many may have teachings in their lives that are different than what the Bible teaches. We don't need to run them off with unkind words, we will need to teach, love and care for them. We need to watch what we say and how we talk to them, souls are important to God! We now have maybe 10 or 12 weeks ahead of us to prepare. We are about ready to meet people we have never before had any contact with. As I think about the love that does happen here and who we are all very close to, will that same love be shown to the new people we meet? I would encourage all of us extend our hand of fellowship to all. Don’t stay in the groups of people you are comfortable with but be part of this new challenge that is before us. I do know, that we have a short window of opportunities with some of the people that may come through our doors, let us all be ready.


In the new building we will find new places to sit and new places to go and we will figure out where the classes are. How will the singing sound? Where do we park? No more rushing through all-in-one. I look forward to that day.


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