As our Nation completes this special period called Thanksgiving, let’s take stock, again, of just a few more things (in addition to those we noted last week) for which we, not just as Americans but as children of God, can be thankful: 

            1.  That our God is THE GOD –JEHOVAH, YAHWEH - Creator, Sustainer, Provider,                     Controller, OMNI;

            2.  That we are created in His image (Genesis 1:26-27). 

            3.  That the Spirit of God dwells within us (Romans 8:11 & Galatians 4:6);

            4.  That God hears and answers our prayers(Prov.15:8&29; Matt.21:22; Jas.5:15-16);

            5.  That we are children of God, part of His family, and members of His body, the  

                 church of our Savior, Jesus the Christ (Rom.8: Col.1:24; Acts13:26);

            6.  For our physical family - remember that God instituted family (Gen.1-4);

            7.  For our material blessings because they, too, come from God (Matt.6:31-34);

            8.  That we are citizens of a kingdom whose King gave His life(2Thes1:5;1Tim1:15ff)

            9.  For the blood of Jesus - seal of the New Covenant - that continues to cleanse our

                 sins (Matt.26:28 and 1stJohn 1:7);

          10.  For eternal life, the gift of grace from God extended to us because of our faithful

                 obedience to Him, through the sacrifice of Christ Jesus, His son (Eph.2:8).

This body of believers has endured some tough times over the past couple of years. As things were "set in order" and as we have endeavored to move forward, our patience has been tested many times.  Throughout, however, we have maintained a persistent attitude to stand in the truth of God's word and not allow the actions of others to sway us from staying the course. Now, our patience and endurance are beginning to "pay off" and we will see things come to fruition very soon.  Because we are family, we will be able to endure all things (1Cor.13:7) and do great things (Phil.2:14&4:13) for our Awesome God as we stay united around His Truth and allow our Savior to be our one - and only - LORD!   As we do, let's keep in mind the words of the Apostle Paul in Eph. 3:20-21: "Always giving THANKS FOR ALL THINGS in the name of our LORD Jesus Christ to God and the Father, and be subject to one another in the fear (reverence) of God (Christ)."  Let's remember ALWAYS whose and what we are as:

The Ripon Church of Christ: A Family of God Rooted in Christ
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