Have you ever had the terrible feeling of being falsely accused of something? It's a tough thing to face when people think something of you that is not true. I have had that feeling before, but the worst I personally faced was with my son CJ. When he was in first grade he was accused of improper touching by a little neighbor girl in his class. We got a call from the school and Kerri went down only to find they had already put my first grade son in a room and questioned him in front of his accuser. His teacher was so upset about what the counselor had done before my wife had arrived. So, the counselor did this in the absence of the principal or anyone and was soon fired. But what of the accusations against my son? It sadly turned out that it was an avenue for this little girl to reach out to get help for something that was happening at home and her father was the abuser. I can only imagine what was going through my son’s head with these questions they were asking, not knowing what they were talking about.


  What about our Lord Jesus, standing before His false accusers? Knowing what was going to happen and just quietly taking it all upon Himself. In Mark 14:55-61; Now the chief priests and the whole Council kept trying to obtain testimony against Jesus to put Him to death, and they were not finding any. For many were giving false testimony against Him, but their testimony was not consistent. Some stood up and began to give false testimony against Him, saying, "We heard Him say, 'I will destroy this temple made with hands, and in three days I will build another made without hands.'" Not even in this respect was their testimony consistent. The high priest stood up and came forward and questioned Jesus saying, "Do You not answer? What is it that these men are testifying against You?" But He kept silent and did not answer.


    I can't imagine standing there and being accused of something and remaining silent and allowing your accusers to put you to death when you have the power to stop it. But my finite mind only knows this world so far. Praise the Lord Jesus for loving us so much that He would come to earth to allow man to do this to Him. A stronger love we will never know than that which comes from heaven. Let us be worthy of such a love.

                                                                                    In Him,    Chuck



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