A couple weeks ago while at work I had to cut a bearing off of a shaft with a torch. When doing so, I had to be very careful not to cut into the shaft doing more damage. If you take your time and cut slowly you can actually watch the bearing melt away from the shaft and cause no damage. It’s kind of cool to see when it's happening at that perfect moment. It's not a good thing to see if you cut into the shaft, you will have a sad feeling. 


  So, for some reason, this made me think of when people used to approach me about Christ. I guess it is the precision and timing that we must sometimes have with our words to reach people. One strong word and they may never listen, but also the time in their life when they are open to hear. I did not grow up in the church but always believed that God existed just from what I had learned as a child. I had people invite me to church functions for many years as a young adult and would go on occasion but never seriously searched out any more about God’s word. A time came in our lives when our children were little we felt a need for more knowledge about God for our children. We wanted them to at least know the Bible stories that we had heard. Meanwhile, it caused us to find our own need for God in our lives and we began our own search. We went to many places but we were in search of the truth in which we could follow in God’s word and that search brought us here. It is sad to see someone that you talked to decide to turn away from God’s words because they don't like what they find and how it may affect them or someone they know. It just breaks your heart but you can't change the truth.


  The message that I wish to send in all this, is that the careful choice of the precise word is very important to anyone's search and our helping them find it. But also, the timing of it is important. When we talk to people about Jesus we need to be careful with our words. Plant seeds without being pushy or making people think that we believe Christians are better than them. You may talk to a lot of people that may not be looking at the time of your conversation. We must be careful not to push them away but to be patient and loving and someday God will supply the increase not us. Just be careful with your words and lovingly spread the seeds and people will ask questions when they are ready to seek God out. Just be ready with the answers they seek. It can be rewarding to watch someone grow in faith and follow Christ and serve Him in truth. It will lift your own heart and spirits. If you plant seeds, and hopefully someone else will too, then when they are ready and in God’s time as the song says, “I have decided to follow Jesus” will be their words.                               



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