Two brothers, Merga Eseta and his brother Lemma are graduates of the Nekempt Preacher Training School.  Lemma has been walking 4 hours once a week to a place called Aluma Negero to preach where members of his family live. He has a number of people in a Bible study and is confident a Church will be established there very soon. Another graduate, Hinka, has started preaching in a new place called Gemta Anewma, a 4 hour walk in the other direction and has planted a new congregation there.  Moti, a PTS graduate, is from Nejo also. He has gone to the Muchocho Giorges area and just baptized 3 people and planted the Church in that area. These churches continue to grow and mature in Christ.

This is how it works!  When 10 or 15 men graduate from the preacher training school some of them go back to their home congregations. Others go to new places, plant and start new congregations. Every new congregation needs at least one preacher but over time will send two or three. The extra trained preachers strengthen the Church that sent them and go out on foot teaching and planting new congregations. These new congregations need a trained local and so the process repeats itself. The Lord set up this pattern of spreading the gospel.  Paul told Timothy to teach faithful men, who will teach faithful men, who will teach faithful men----(2 Timothy 2:2).  The Lord’s pattern of teaching still works!

The Church in Ethiopia requests our prayers and gives thanks for supporting them through the years.


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