We have in our song books a song called “Angry Words” which goes like this,  Angry words! O let them never, From the tongue unbridled slip, May the heart’s best impulse ever check them ere they soil the lip. The third verse goes on this way, Angry words are lightly spoken, bitterest tho’ts are rashly stirred, brightest links of life are broken by a single angry word. Words that are spoken can hurt. Also, words that come from our hand, can have the same effect. Many of us use social media to convey our thoughts. Most of the time it is very useful and may help another person, but sometimes this is not true. In a recent post by one of us we used Facebook in a way that caused hurt, not good. Our goal is to help each other along this path way we call life. We all have the goal of Heaven and each of us needs help along the way but when we make a comment on Facebook we really need to make sure, it really helps. A person made a comment on Facebook that one of us took wrong and we responded in a way that was hateful. This is my suggestion to all of us, write it down and put it aside until the next day and then look at the comment and ask ones self, is this really helpful or do I really need to say this? I am a fan of Death Valley Days, an old western done in black and white. One of the shows was about two wrongs don’t make a right. It was a young girl who had learned this from her mother and it is so true. Never compound the issue by making a statement which does not help.

James 3:5 says this “So the tongue is a small part of the body, and yet it boasts of great things. See how great a forest is set aflame by such a small fire!” This is also true with what we write with our hand. Let us all be so careful with what we write and say in our posts on social media, it’s there for all to see. Let our light shine all the time. We are part of a great family that should show our love for each other at all times.

In a resent comic page there was a quote from Pickles which said, “Common sense does not grow in everyone’s garden.” We know that everything we plant in our garden does not grow well, we learn from our mistakes. We learn what does not grow well and we can also learn what does. This is common sense, we are not born with it but we sure can learn to have it. Use common sense in our writings.



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