History tells a story of a man named Fabian von Schlabrendorff of Germany.  He was a lawyer but joined the German army before World War II.  von Schlabrendorff resisted Hitler and his Nazis, and was arrested and tried for treason. He was sent to a Gestapo prison where he was brutally tortured. He would not budge and give any details of his and others involvement in the resistance against the insane Hitler and Nazis.  Although the evidence was weak, von Schlabrendorff was brought before a Nazi court and judge Roland Freisler, which meant a death sentence for von Schlabrendorff.  Nearly every person who went up in front of this judge was executed. Before von Schlabrendorff could be tried, an American air raid strike hit the courthouse and the explosion killed Freisler with von Schlabrendorff’s file still in his hand. God’s providence?  Maybe.  Schlabrendorff was retried and the judge acquitted him. However, he still was sent from concentration camp to concentration camp showing how hateful and corrupt Nazi Germany was. Our United States military came in and liberated the camp in which he was being held in May of 1945. It is said he became a judge and served in the very country he stood trial for treason.   

 Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was wrongfully arrested and tried in front of a kangaroo court. Although innocent, He was condemned to be crucified on the cross. It was not part of God’s providential care to physically set Jesus free. Jesus was tortured and crucified on the cross. However, God’s power raised Jesus from the dead.  When Jesus comes again, He will come back as a righteous judge. Nobody will go before Him and be wrongfully accused and convicted. And nobody who is guilty will be accidentally set free from a technicality or a biased judge. God is the judge and will hand out mercy to those who deserve mercy and He will punish those who are guilty, those who are living in sin. Peter said to Cornelius in Acts 10:42, “It is Jesus who was ordained by God to be Judge of the living and the dead.” In the very next verse gives us reassurance.  Peter says those who obey Jesus will receive remission of their sins. Obedience to the Lord sets us free from our chains. 

Where are you today with Jesus?  





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