There is a story about a wealthy man who shared a passion with his son for collecting art. Together they traveled the world collecting priceless works by Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet and others. The young man left to serve his country in the war. His father received a telegram from the Army that his son was killed in combat while saving a fellow soldier. On Christmas morning the old man opened the front door and there stood a soldier with a large package in his hand. The man said, “I was a friend of your son. I was the one he was rescuing when he died.  I’m an artist and I want to give you this.” The gift was a portrait of his son which featured the young man’s face in detail and captured his personality. The following spring, the old man passed away. According to his will, all of the art were to be auctioned. Art collectors from around the world gathered to bid on some of the world’s most spectacular paintings. The auction began with a painting that was not on any of the museum’s list, a painting of the man’s son. The auctioneer asked for an opening bid of $100.  The room was silent and nobody made a bid.  From the back of the room someone said, “Who cares about that painting? It’s just a picture of his son. Forget it and go on to the important art.”  The auctioneer replied, “No, we have to sell this one...who will take the son?” A friend of the old man who knew the son made the $100 bid and won. Cheers filled the room, and someone said, “Now we can get on with it!” The auctioneer then announced the auction was over.  Someone spoke up and asked, “What do you mean it’s over?  We didn’t come here for a picture of some old guy’s son. There is millions of dollars’ worth of art here!  The auctioneer replied, “It’s very simple. According to the will of the father, whoever takes the son, receives everything.”


It is the will of the Father whoever “takes” His Son, gets everything!  In Ephesians 1, Paul speaks of those who “take” the Son, or “bid” on Jesus, receive the whole inheritance (Vs. 11). Only those who are named in the Father’s will, who are “in Christ” receive: 


  1. Every spiritual blessing (Vs. 3)
  2. A clean record (Vs. 4)
  3. Adoption as sons (Vs. 5)
  4. Glory of His grace (Vs. 6)
  5. Redemption (Vs. 7)
  6. Forgiveness of sins (Vv. 7-8). 
  7. The mystery of his will (Vs. 9). 
  8. A confident expectation of heaven (Vs. 12). 
  9. Salvation (13-14).  


Obedience to the gospel of Christ is how one “takes” or “bids” on the Son. Many want the blessings of God but want to ignore the Son, they want the riches of the world. When we abide by God’s will (Matthew 7:21), we receive the whole inheritance.  



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