There was a time I went hiking to camp. I was unprepared.  The hike in was not bad, however, the hike back was brutal. It was blazing hot and we ran out of water. We were exhausted, hungry and dehydrated. It was like heaven having a cool shower, burgers, beans, corn and cold water. We made it to our rest. I was so happy to be back that extra lettuce on my burger was a big deal.  This life can be like that path of exhaustion, hunger and thirst, that we wonder if we will ever find our rest. However, we must remember to be faithful and never give up. In Hebrews 4 we have a passage with “extra lettuce” or “Let Us,” that will guide us home to our rest. 


#1 - Let us FEAR 


Hebrews 4:1 tells us a promise of rest remains but let us fear. We are to fear we will fall short of God’s rest and face His wrath. In Chapter 3, the inspired Hebrew writer gives a warning to not harden our hearts as in the rebellion like the Israelites who missed out on their rest, Canaan. What about us? Do we fear God? Are we being unfaithful forcing God’s wrath? Since God made a promise of another day of rest, 


#2, Let us be FAITHFUL 


Hebrews 4:1 teaches that our diligence will guard us from being disobedient.  The word “diligent” here means the same thing as being faithful. The “rest” the inspired writer is talking about is a heavenly Jerusalem. In Jesus, we have rest. He’s living, active, and sharp (Hebrews 4:12). In Revelation 19:11-16, Jesus is called “The Word of God,” which is Living and Active. We serve One who is active, and discerns the thoughts and intents of our heart. He is sharp and penetrates to the joints and marrow, to the division of soul and spirit. We must remember, like the Israelites were accountable to God, we must give an account to Jesus (Hebrews 4:13). Therefore:  


#3, Let us hold FAST.  


Jesus is our High Priest so we can be confident holding fast to Him (Vs 14).  Why? He knows our weaknesses, pain and struggles. He’s been tempted in ALL things that we are (Vs. 15). Holding fast our confession is trusting in the Lord, knowing Our High Priest will deliver us. Are we holding to our High Priest Jesus? Israel did not draw near to God and lost out. Therefore:


#4, Let us FOLLOW


We are to draw near to the Throne of Grace (vs. 16). We follow closely to Christ and His teachings to “Draw Near to God.” Atonement comes only through Christ.  In the tabernacle, the time of Moses and Aaron, the High Priest was the only one allowed to go into the Most Holy of the tabernacle. He did this once a year to sprinkle blood (Day of Atonement - Exodus 25:8-21). Notice Vs. 22. The atonement cover, the Mercy Seat, is where God gave atonement to the people. To get this, they had to draw near to God. Today, we draw near to God in obedience to our High Priest, Jesus. The blood of Christ brings us near. This happens in baptism, then walking in the light of Christ. This is how we obtain mercy and find His grace in time of need. Have we drawn near to God? 



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