I used to work as a Realtor. There were times when my seller's listing price was non-negotiable. Sometimes, situations would arise that became inconvenient in the transaction, such as a problem found in the home inspection that would cause the buyer to ask the seller to fix the problem or a lower sales price was negotiated. Depending on the problem, this could cause the whole transaction to fall apart. 


In life, situations arise where problems could test our faith. If it makes us feel as if our faith is inconvenient at times, we need to take a serious look into where we stand with God. If we get a promotion if we tell a “white” lie, does it tempt us? When a clerk at the grocery store hands us back an extra $20, do we give it back because we feel we must, because of our faith, or do we want to because of our faith? There is a big difference. What if we are told we cannot preach the truth or we will be thrown in jail? What do we do when something important to us is scheduled at the same time as worship service?  Do we compromise our faith and devotion to God?


In the Book of Daniel, Daniel’s faith was tested.  He often found himself in inconvenient and compromising situations. Daniel worked in a land that was hostile to his faith and loyalty to God. He was in exile, thrown into Babylonian Captivity. In Chapter 6, the commissioners and the satraps could not find fault with Daniel, so they designed a statute for the king to sign that stated anyone caught making a petition to any god would be cast into a den of lions (Vv. 6-9). Daniel refused to heed to a decree that denied God. His faith was non-negotiable and he went to God in prayer and was caught. Against his will, King Darius threw Daniel into a den of lions. The God of Daniel delivered him, He closed the mouths of the lions and Daniel was safe from the wild beasts. Daniel knew either way, God will deliver him. This caused King Darius to write a decree for all the men in his kingdom to fear and tremble before the God of Daniel (Daniel 6:25-26).


Is our faith negotiable?  Unlike a Real Estate transaction where we can negotiate to close the deal, we cannot negotiate when it comes to our faith. We must walk each day of our lives with non-negotiable faith like Daniel, and God will take care of us.   



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